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5Pin High Performance Racing CDI 50cc 90cc 110cc 125cc ATV Dirt Bike Scooter


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5Pin High Performance Racing CDI 50cc 90cc 110cc 125cc ATV Dirt Bike Scooter

Product Description:

This CDI will eliminate rev-limit which keeps your bike restricted, and also reset your ignition advance curve for better acceleration, MUCH more than the popular orange compact units!

This unit will give you 5-10 miles speed boost on your bike and all you need to do just plug it on. This unit will work for your bike if the plug in the picture is the same as the plug in your bike.

This part will fit also almost all of the bike brands from China. Such as TaoTao, Buyang, Coolsport, NST, BMX, Kazuma, Sunl, ROKETA, AIM-EX etc.



Type: CDI AC 5 Pin

Fits for: 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc 4-stroke Pit Bike, Dirt Bike

Mechanics Note on distinguishing AC fired or DC fired CDI box :

1. In the GY6 6-plug set-up, you have AC if you have 3-wires going into the 4-plug side and you have 2-wires going into the 2-plug side. On the other hand, you have DC if you have the larger CDI box, 3 or 4 wires going into the 4-plug side and only 1 wire going into the 2-plug side.

2. In general, the DC CDI's tend to be larger in size than the AC ones.For example ,the common AC fired CDI box is length 65 x width 36 x height 22 mm or length 58 x width 33 x height 22 mm ,but common DC fired CDI box is larger than AC fired cdi box in size ,suze as length 75 x width 42 x height 24 mm or length 96 x width 55 x height 24 mm .Certainly this size is only for your common original CDI Box reference,don't include the racing cdi box size ,please note.

3. Another test is if the headlights turn on without the engine running, (with just the key on), it is a DC system. In the AC system the headlight requires the engine to be running. Another indication is, if the engine will only run with a battery it is DC. If it will run without a battery, it is a AC system.


Note: Please check wheather you need the AC fired CDI or DC fired CDI for your scooter before you order,thanks


Package Include:

1 * CDI AC 5 Pin

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